The Prostitute Protection Act


The Prostitute Protection Act has been in force since 1 July 2017.


These are changes that will become valid for you as a guest:


General Obligation of using Condoms

Therefore such sex practices as


Fellatio with cumshot

are generally forbidden, we are no longer allowed to promote these practices, also the escort ladies should not offer this service.


Please note that penalties of up to 50,000 Euros can be inflicted if you practice such service. Do not become susceptible to blackmail by using services if untrustworthy providers


§ 32 Obligation of using condoms; advertising ban

(1) Either prostitute male or female clients, as well as prostitutes themselves, must ensure that condoms are used in the course of sexual intercourse
(2) The operator of a prostitution industry is obliged to refer to the obligation of using condoms by means of a clearly visible notice in all prostitute locations, in other areas regularly used for prostitution as well as in prostitute vehicles.

(3) It is forbidden either to offer, announce, advertise sexual services or make any statements of such content by the dissemination of writings, sound carriers or image carriers, data storage media, illustrations or representations,

1. referring to the opportunity of sexual intercourse without a condom, even if an indication is given in an indirect or a linguistically covert form,

2. in a manner, which either according to its representation method, content, scope, or nature of the carrier medium and its distribution, is likely to affect in concrete terms vulnerable legal interests, youth protection in particular, or 

3. referring to the opportunity of sexual intercourse with pregnant women, even if an indication is given in an indirect or linguistically concealed form.

Dissemination is equated with public demonstration, indication, presentation or the public access.