Spanish is also known as tit-job or titty fucking. After anal, it's the second most desirable sex service in men. The penis goes in between the breasts but then comes up out the top of between the breasts, whereby the lady can increase the pressure by pressing her breasts tighter. This charming position is only strengthened when the face, or especially the lady's mouth, is very close to the scene.

Shower sex and bath games

The shower and bath games can be enjoyed under the shower, in the bathtub, in the pool or under other possibilities. During the water games the guest can get to know the desirable body of the lady with all the rules of art. As foreplay but also intended for hot sex, the bathing fun is often enjoyed in different positions and with special charms. Going into the cool water together with your sexual partner is a guaranteed bathing experience, which the guest will certainly not soon forget.


When facesitting, the lady sits on the face of the guest, it can either be naked or dressed, the decision is up to the sex partners themselves, as they do it. Facesitting is a sexual practice in which dominance and subservience play a major role because the lady sits down with her abdomen on the face of the guest and makes him almost to oral sex. The guest is particularly aroused by the feeling of being left out and the oppressive tightness that results from the lady's body weight.


As the perfect foreplay, striptease is the most common foreplay . Striptease is an erotic dance, or the art of erotic disguise. The lady undresses in front of the customer by erotic movements partially or completely. With a lot of passion and sensuality, the striptease show goes from foreplay to a hot sensual love act.


If the sex gets boring with time, a certain dissatisfaction and the desire for a little variety comes. Role-playing games are the perfect solution for such problems. Role-playing games are defined as an exciting sex practice where the sexual partners take on different roles of real people or fictional characters. In the foreground is the desire and the imagination, while the lady slips into different costumes to bring the fantasy of reality very close.

Dirty talk

To deepen the love game a little and make it more exciting Dirty Talk is often used. It's a stimulation through sexy and nasty words to talk about sexual issues and practices. Verbal eroticism is often used as a prelude to let the sex partner know what's awaiting him and to lift the mood even more. Also, during the lovemaking verbal eroticism is often used to lead the sexual partner better and to bring the sexual stimulation even higher.

Doctor games active

Doctor games are part of role-playing games in the context of sex and eroticism, where there is usually always one dominant and one submissive partner. The dominant side is always ostensibly medically formed, while the submissive side is immersed in the role of the weakened patient. In the doctor's games, which act actively, the lady assumes the role of the sexy doctor or nurse. She has the leading and dominant role and knows exactly what her patient is missing.

Doctor games passive

In the case of doctor games passively, the same characteristics and practices apply. The only difference lies in the role dominance. Passively, the guest slips into the role of the dominant doctor and treats the lady who becomes the submissive patient. While the patient completely gets rid of her clothes in the course of the examination, the medically trained person wears a white coat to better and more intensively find their way into the role.


Trampling is a sex practice in which the girl walks or kicks over the customers body, bare foot or with high heels. The guest is completely at the mercy of the lady and lies at her feet. Here you can see immediately that the lady is in the dominant position and the guest completely submissive. The charm of Trampling lies in the submission, the sight of beautiful women's feet in sexy high heels.

Foot fetish

In the foot erotic the lady enjoys the extensive pampering of her feet by kissing, licking and touching. The guest, who is on foot fetish, the sexual excitability is completely on the feet of the sexual partner. It is enough to see a nice shapely feet to get excited. The look, the smell or the taste can bring the customer into ecstasy. High heels or nylons are a great extra for those who love foot fetish. It can go so far that the sexual act takes place purely on the feet, while the male genitalia is massaged with his feet, stroked and rubbed.

Golden shower active

For those who want to try something new and want to get out of their comfort zone, this sex practice is suitable. With golden shower called urinating on the body of the sex partner. This actively stands for the activity of the lady. She is the person who urinates on the guest before, during or after the sexual act. The extent depends on one's own preferences, whereby pee can be combined actively with face sitting.

Golden shower passive

While the lady is urinating on the guest actively , it is passively the opposite with the Golden shower. The guest enjoys the opportunity to urinate on his sexual partner and enjoy watching them enjoy the special showering pleasure. It is a very intimate sex practice because it comes to the increased exchange of liquids, whether the pee is drunk or distributed over the body, everything can be reconciled and experience.

Outdoor sex

In order to increase the sexual desire, more and more are looking for new ways and places for intimate love games. The private bedroom may provide comfort but the tension and the uncertain is what brings the necessary charm to new sexual experiences. Being caught in a violent sex is an exciting fantasy to be fulfilled. Whether in the office or at a nice picnic, under the starry sky or on the beach, let yourself be carried away and give in to the pleasure.

Nylon play

For the special connoisseurs among the guests and for those who like to watch, touch and enjoy this kind of fetish is very irritable and exciting. It's about sensuality, passion and of course pantyhose. Men love to see the sight of long women's legs in nylons and every sight is a moment full of lust and desire. Whether tights, stockings or nylons, each has its charm and arouse the desire for an immediate intimate encounter.


Squirting is the female ejaculation during orgasm. The ladies, who ejaculate at orgasm, often exert a strong erotic charm on their sexual partners. To bring a lady to squirt, you have to know exactly the female anatomy and bring the female genital enough to stimulate. For men, squirting is a new experience and a great experience, and for many it is exciting to see how the woman comes.

All Inclusive

For all guests who look at the service list with the extra rates and can not decide which extra suits them best, we have the option All Inclusive. Here you can enjoy the entire service list of the lady with a surcharge of only 100 €. Whether anal, golden shower or deepthroat, it's up to you. You no longer have to worry about individual service fees, pay once and enjoy it all the way through.

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