Massage is the mechanical influencing of skin, connective tissue and muscles. The effect extends from the treated area of the body over the entire organism and also includes the psyche. The first mention of the term "massage" dates back to 2,500 BC and was used for healing in East Africa and Asia. Until today the massage has changed and developed a lot in its observation, whereby it is used more and more often for eroticism and sex as foreplay. There are different types of massages that can be used for this purpose.

Classical Massage

Aims to mechanically influence the skin, connective tissue and musculature through certain techniques achieved stretching or through the exerted pressure on certain parts of the body. It helps to relax the muscles, to remove blockages and to achieve absolute relaxation. It is beneficial for both the body and the mind.

Erotic massage

Strives to reduce tension and build relaxation. They trigger well-being and connect people more closely with each other. Sex or an orgasm is not an unmistakable purpose of an erotic massage. However, it leads to the body feeling relaxation, but also sexual arousal, which can lead to more intensive sexual intercourse.

Tantra massage

A type of erotic massage in which the entire body, including the genital area, is massaged and stimulated. The touch sensation of the whole body is in the foreground. From the tips of the toes to the scalp, every centimeter of the body should be sensitized and eroticized. In this massage technique, various adoration rituals play a special role.

Prostate massage

Prostate massage refers to the stimulation of the male prostate. This type of massage also belongs to the field of erotic massage and is also called the massage of the male G-spot. It is used for sexual stimulation as a targeted stimulus on the prostate, whereby a man can come to orgasm without the penis itself being stimulated.

Body to body massage

Body to body or body to body massage is performed with the use of the whole body. During the massage the masseur and the receiver are naked and a lot of massage oil is used. It is used for relaxation and sexual enhancement. The body is massaged from head to toe most often with: buttocks, legs, chest, arms and hands.

Hand Relaxation

Hand relaxation is the massage of the male sex. This form of massage is particularly gentle because the skin in this area is particularly sensitive. Hand tension is often used as foreplay, whereby the sexual organ of the other person is stimulated by the hand alone until ejaculation occurs.

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