Kissing has been part of a stimulating kind of foreplay for ages. Through kissing a connection is established and the play can be infinitely beautiful and passionate. Pressing lips together sets the comedy in motion, and depending on whether the sex partners prefer tender or persistent kisses, the intensity of the comedy is greatly increased.

Kissing with sympathy

Not with every guest and with every lady the chemistry is right at first go, therefore most ladies offer only kisses with sympathy. Only if the guest has a cultivated appearance and the lady feels attracted to him, kissing is imaginable. The chemistry should be right for both on a sexual and personal level.

French kisses

While only the lips touch during a normal kiss, a little more effort is needed during a tongue kiss. A tongue kiss is a kiss in which the tongues of the two persons touch, with the tongues either gently or violently circling each other. Tongue kisses can be used to exchange intense tenderness that leads to greater sexual arousal.

French kisses for sympathy

Since tongue kisses are a wonderful part of love play, they are described as the first sensual contact between two bodies. Tongue kisses are a real mood lifter and foreplay when the chemistry fits on both sides. Regular oral care and hygiene is a prerequisite and very welcome during a meeting. The ladies who offer tongue kisses only with sympathy, enjoy this kind of intimacy only with the customers for whom the attraction and care fit.

Body kisses

To an intensive love play not only mouth or tongue-kisses belong, but also the erotic type of the body-kisses. The body is touched and kissed with the lips, every part of the body is allowed and together with the stroking of the upper body it often turns into an intensive petting.

"Are you looking forward to long erotic tongue kisses ?!"

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