While one might be able to suspect what French sex is supposed to mean, it turns out that Greek sex is a mystery to most. Under the code name "Greek sex" hides the act of anal intercourse. The description probably goes back to ancient times, in which sexual partnerships between men were considered to be particularly noble and pure. However, this does not mean that this sexual practice was done exclusively by homosexual couples, but that the partnerships between men were highly respected among society. Anal sex has been practiced a lot in the past, so it is not a novelty of modern times. Since virginity used to be the highest asset of any woman, an alternative had to be found to preserve virginity while still being able to sex; so anal sex was a great way to combine both. From ancient times to almost the 19th century, this sexual practice was used and practiced with great fondness and only began to decline at the beginning of the 19th century.


During anal sex, the man slides his penis into the anus of his partner. It serves as a change from normal sex and has become a preference for many men. They love penetrating the woman's anus, seeing as it is oftentimes tighter than the female vagina and thus the intensity of the sex is increased even more. The feeling of such tightness and the movements accompanying it is particularly exciting for many men. When the woman orgasms, it also happens that her sphincter contracts, which leads to additional stimulation of the male sex organ. The opening of the anus is controlled by the sphincter. However, because it usually only opens when going to the toilet, a little pressure must be exerted during external penetration. To ensure good anal sex good preparation is key, from hygiene to lubricants, nothing should be left to chance. You should also prepare yourself well so that the penis penetrates easier. The movement of the member requires ease and concentration and it should be exercised slowly and in a controlled manner.


To clear up the eternal discussions about anal sex, we will explain throughout this text, why anal sex is not dirty sex and why society should finally let go of the prejudices that anal sex hurts. Prejudices claim that anal sex is a sexual practice that lacks hygiene which is an unfair accusation. The fact that there are no dangerous bacteria in the anus has been proven by researchers for years. But it is mostly the women who are ashamed of this sex practice. They are embarrassed by unpleasant odors or brown spots staining the sheets, while neither one nor the other thing occurs if proper hygiene applies and some preparations have been made. How to prepare best for anal sex in just a few steps will be explained in the following paragraph. First of all, anal sex is not suitable for a quickie. Anal has been created for slow and controlled motions. In the heat of the moment, one often loses control and the best advice to give is that with anal sex things should progress slowly. We all know how that tightness around the penis can rob one's mind but be careful when you have already penetrated your partner with your erected member, even if only a few centimeters. It would be best if you leave your partner to guide the movements so she can determine how far things should go throughout the lovemaking. Encourage your sexual partner and give them the necessary trust and self-confidence, assuring them that nothing can go wrong. In order to loosen the tension and take care of hygiene, you can, for example, take a relaxing bath or shower together.


Be sure to use lubricants. Good anal sex should never be dry, so to not risk pain and injury. Sensitivity and patience are required for anal sex and it is best to stimulate the anus with your tongue or fingers first. Commit to circular movements to relax the sphincter because due to massaging the many sensitive nerve endings, the excitement increases as well. To increase the arousal, even more, sex toys are often used. Thanks to today's variety of sex shops promoting a variety of sex products, the range of colorful toys are very broad and available almost everywhere. Many of these toys have a vibration mode that enhances pleasure, which is a "must have" in bed, especially in regard to anal sex. Anal plugs or chains are highly recommended as they provide that certain something throughout the lovemaking. Anal sex is also practiced in different positions much like normal sex, but some positions are better than others for this sex practice. The best positions you should definitely try for anal sex are doggy style, the Matterhorn, cowgirl style, spoon position and of course sex while standing. Let's start with the classic anal sex position and the most commonly done for this practice. Particularly suitable for beginners and those who could not yet achieve full relaxation is the doggy style position. The sexual partner is on all fours while the man is kneeling behind her. This position is especially comfortable for women, allowing for a relaxed posture and by bending forward, the woman can determine the depth of penetration. The Matterhorn position may not be known to everyone, but those who intend to practice anal should definitely try this sex position. In this position, control clearly belongs to the woman since she determines not only how deep her partner’s penis should penetrate but can also choose speed and angle. For those who are not familiar with this position, it works as follows: The woman kneels in front of a stack of pillows and lies with her hands on top. As her sex partner slowly penetrates her from behind, she can move back and forth as she desires, while her upper body remains at a 45-degree angle. The cowgirl position has probably been tried by every dominant woman at least once in her life. Control belongs to the woman who straddles the man while he is lying on his back. The fact that anal sex can also be intimate has been proven with the spoon position, which offers a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. Due to skin contact, it gets quite intimate as you lie down behind your female partner and enclose her with your arms. Then both of you pull your legs together and have the penis enter the anus slowly and deliberately. And last but not least comes anal sex while standing, a position that might be best for a more advanced couple. Both of you stand closely behind each other, supported by a wall. The woman pushes her butt back as you get a hold of her hips and penetrate her slowly. If you follow the advice we've given above, anal sex will become a special and exciting sex practice for both. Your sex life will be taken to a whole new level while you will be rewarded with new experiences. Anal sex is no longer a taboo and should be included in every bedroom. An escort agency will be happy to help you gather new experiences and overcome the challenge and fear of the unknown. Find yourself an experienced escort lady in Berlin who will make your anal experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Allow yourself to let go and book the night of your life today.

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