Sexual intercourse

"Sexual intercourse" would literally mean sexual intercourse. The climax of sexual arousal is called orgasm. Touch and rhythmic movements stimulate the sexual organs until the woman's vaginal and pelvic floor muscles contract. In men it comes to ejaculation.

Girlfriend sex - Girlfriend Experience

Girlfriend sex is especially intimate and revealing sex - sex like with a girlfriend. This type of sex is simply more tender, more intimate, more romantic and more loving. There are many possibilities in the GFS, such as kissing, tongue kissing, caressing and talking.

Anal sex - Greek sex

Anal sex, the man introduces his penis into the anus of the sex partner. A good change from the usual sex, more and more men like it. They love penetrating the woman

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A threesome, or triplet, is the name given to the practice of sexual intercourse between three people and is thus the smallest possible variant of group sex.


Sandwich is a sexual practice in which a woman has sex with two men and simultaneously takes one penis into her vagina and the other penis into her anus.


How about a threesome with two women? The more beautiful the duet, the better the sex. In the

Lesbian Duet

The 'Lesbian Duet' offers a wonderful opportunity to fulfill men's dreams. Two ladies who first exchange tender touches and kisses, the lesbian duet begins. Every man dreams of being extensively spoiled by two women, whether as a spectator or a leading actor is left to him.


Group sex is a sexual practice in which more than two people are involved. A special form of group sex is gangbang, which is characterized by an extreme majority of dominant or active-penetring participants and the alternating penetration of less submissive or passive-receptive participants.

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