French and conclusion

French sex is a particularly intimate form of love play, namely oral sex. This sex-practice requires a skillful handling of the tongue. In fellatio the woman stimulates the man, in cunnilingus the man pampers her genitals. French is one of the most popular sexual practices worldwide.


The most popular international sex practice is French. The partner stimulates the genitals with his mouth. In fellatio, the man is satisfied with the tongue and lips.


Deepthroat is a special blowjob in which the penis slides into the partner's throat, so to speak, as far as it will go. The stimulus of deepthroating is similar to that of anal sex. There is a feeling of tightness around the glans.

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Facial insemination

Facial insemination or Facial (narrow.) belongs to the particularly widespread sexual fantasies in the man's world. A GB must not only be very fulfilling for a man, but also for a woman. Especially if the woman is also open for SM games or tends more towards the submissive side.

Body insemination

Body insemination is called spraying a woman with sperm, usually on the breasts or on the book.

Position 69

The perfect combination of Fellatio and Cunnilingus, is the 69th position in which man and woman satisfy each other orally. 69 can be used as a seductive foreplay or finale.

Tongue channel - Rimming

There are many names for this sex practice: Anilingus, Rim-Job, Rimming, tongue anal or anal licking. In tongue anal, one partner licks the anus of the other partner (penetrates it with the tongue). Not only the men like rimming, also the women find tongue canal active or passive very attractive.

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