Bizarre Games

Bizarre games are also often called SM or BDSM. They give you the opportunity to create your own sex life exciting and varied, because here the different game types flow in. Bizarre sex games stand for behaviors that have dominance and submission as their goal. Hardness, dominance or simply other sex are combined with playful punishment, bondage games or also desire pain.

Bondage Active

Bondage Active is the art of bondage. Active means that you tie up the other person yourself, i.e. it is about the bondage or fixation of a subordinate by a dominant sex partner. Bondage is usually done with ropes, chains or handcuffs, but other objects are often used as well.

Bondage passive

Bondage passive is the exact opposite of active. Man himself becomes a bound object. The bondaged takes the passive part and cannot become active through the bondage. One becomes submissive and leaves the dominance to the sex partner. The tied one usually feels a sexual attraction of being at the mercy of the other, whereby the active partner is aroused by the dominant position of power.

Bizarre games dominant

Dominance means to look at and treat the other person submissively, but where all individual wishes are discussed in advance. In bizarre games that are dominant, control over other people or a situation is gained through the use of certain physical or psychological methods. Bondage or bizarre role-plays are often welcome in dominant behavior. The lady dominates the guest, whips him, ties him up, subdues him and torments him.

Bizarre games submissive

Submissive means to submit voluntarily and submissively to someone's will. In submissive bizarre games, the lady is dominated by the guest. The guest can treat the lady as his personal slave or educate her submissively in a role play through the taboos and details agreed upon in advance.

Easy dominant games

In contrast to bizarre dominant games, where the queen tortures the guest or whips him, the light dominant games are more about leadership and commands. The lady determines how the love play is played and how the guest is to serve her as his dominatrix.

Easy submissive games

In the easy submissive game, the lady submissively surrenders to the wishes of the customer. She obeys his commands with submissiveness and full of desire. He is the dominant person in the course of the comedy and guides her with his instructions. The previously agreed details and taboos should be respected and kept so that both sides can enjoy the game to the full.


Education is just as much a part of SM as bondage or bizarre games. During the education either the guest or the lady becomes an authority person, like e.g. the boss or teacher, thereby the education becomes a game from sex, praise and instinct. The person who carries out the education puts the dominant side there, sets boundaries and punishes disobedience. We distinguish two types of education: light and strict. While in light education the tightening consists of verbal orders to submissiveness and light punishments like a slap, in strict education the physical part is more pronounced. By whip and blows the submissive person is strictly educated in the comedy.

"Bizarre games turn you on?!"

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