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1 About you

Women often view the sed cards of other escorts and think the vamp with the model measures is sure to be booked the most. How shall I be able to compete as a girl next door? That is absolutely not true in practice, every guest has completely different preferences, and the biggest mistake you can ever make is to try to be someone else. It does not depend on how often you are booked, but rather on what you make of the appointment. Feel good in the role of a seductress and the man will desire you!

2 About the money

The guest pays you 200 Euro for one hour. We charge a commission of 33% for the arrangement and advertisement. Such an hourly rate enables you to go through life more light- hearted in financial matters and spend more time on the important things in life.

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3 About the guest

High earners, top managers, politicians, and businessmen, who are currently on a business trip in Berlin and would like to enjoy the company of a pretty and talkative woman. They reside in the best hotels and enjoy many pleasures, which make life more comfortable.

4 About us

  • Established
  • Discret
  • Structured
  • Reliable
  • Love of detail
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5 What you can expect

  • Scheduling by trained telephone operators
  • Contact person on 365 days a year
  • no obligation or contract binding
  • professional photos
  • high price class

6 Your advantages

  • More money
  • Security
  • Less stress
  • more freetime
  • open time-management



FAQ - Everything you should know about escort

1. Can I choose my working hours optionally?

We completely adjust to you, the only important thing is, that you comply with the times that you give. If you say that you would like to work from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am o’clock, then we will not contact you after that again referring to an appointment. Nothing is carved in stone, either, we can match the timing.

2. Must I keep every appointment?

If you do not like a customer, you can of course cancel the appointment.

3. Which sorts of contracts and notice periods do you have?

There are absolutely no written contracts about the cooperation, the commissioning takes place by word to mouth only, therefore the German Civil Code (BGB) applies. With that, the ending of the cooperation is also possible at any time.

4. What if a guest does not appeal to me on the spot?

Then you should put your cards on the table immediately and cancel the appointment politely right from the beginning. The guest himself can never be content if you do not feel comfortable.

5. Must I offer a certain service like?

No, you decide for yourself what you would like to offer and what you do not.

6. Am I too old for the escort?

If you feel full of life, your age is the last thing that speaks against it! There are enough men who want a woman at their age, or enough younger men to have the experience of a mature woman.

7. I am an absolute beginner and scared to make a drawback from the guest in the last second?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We always inform the guests beforehand, that this is your very first appointment and according to this he will not hold the cancelling against you.

8. How often does such a drawback happen in your experience?

With the ladies we choose for a cooperation, extremely seldom.

9. I am a student and would actually just like to earn a bit money on the side, is that okay for you?

Yes, choose your working hours accordingly, then it is no problem at all. We will also keep the marketing at a low level in line with this.

10. Where does the first conversation take place and can I bring a friend or my boyfriend with me?

The conversation takes place in an office in the center of Berlin. Of course you are welcome to bring someone with you. We also have a separate waiting area, if you would like to have the conversation on your own.

11. Should I show my face in order to receive more appointments?

That is a very personal question, which you must decide for yourself only. Our advice: If you tend to fifty fifty percent, you should rather not do it. You should really be sure about it and be behind it. If that is the case, nothing speaks against it.

12. Can I work with photos of women, who look very similar to me, in order to protect my anonymity?

No, apart from the copyright aspect, it can also not be relied upon by the guest. We have other possibilities to protect your anonymity, which we can gladly discuss in person.

13. What about my security, if the guest becomes too intrusive?

Unlike escort ladies who work on their own guests who book by an escort agency know, that we pay close attention to every appointment and are able to interfere accordingly. If there should be a disagreement in 1 of 500 appointments, it is rather about misunderstandings concerning the prices (even though these are completely available for checking on the page), we then clear up the whole matter with the guest.

14. Why do you not have a separate VIP access for regulars, where face photos and appropriate copy protection are provided?

Because such a copy protection contributes as much protection to your photos as sweets as a contraceptive. Do not let anybody talk you into the fact that there are protective measures that prevent somebody copying your photos. A screenshot or a photo with a second device levers out every copy protection.

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